Yep, it’s that time of year again. Eurovision!
Tonight is the night of the final, and considering I’ve been listening to the songs since March, you could say I’m excited.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Eurovision, it is a singing competition where countries from Europe, and some surrounding countries (Israel – which I may have thought was in Europe until I googled it). Although it is thought that the contest can sometimes be biased, I have to admit that I actually like some of the songs no matter how cheesy they are. In fact lots of them are incredibly catchy like Finland’s entry Marry Me, which I may have been singing for about a month now or last years Cyprus entry La La La. If the songs and crazy performances aren’t enough for you then check out the videos, they’ve including gold ducks, snow white stories, lots of white dresses and lots of glitter.
As I grew up watching it every year, I’ve grown to love it more and more and it has definitely influenced where I want to travel to when I’m older.
I’m not sure why this is the video that I have chosen to share with you, but I think it’s because it is the first one I heard this year.
Anyway I hope you enjoy, and maybe even watch the show, if it’s anything like previous years they’ll be a lot of effects and fun, even if most people refuse to admit that they like it (we all know you do).
Oh and one last thing, UK has finally got a good entry! I have to admit I wasn’t expecting us to actually have a song I ever liked, and although I’m not sure it’ll win we definitely have a better chance than we have in ages.